WVpac.Org is a private group of concerned citizens.. united in their commitment to speaking out when necessary against corruption by public officials and abuse by law enforcement within the state of West Virginia. It is WVpac.Org's mission is to encourage and empower local patriotic Anonymous Citizen Watchdogs from every county to hold our elected and public officials accountable.. anonymously!

WVpac.Org believes it a time honored American tradition for law abiding citizens with first-hand knowledge of illegalities or improprieties committed by elected politicians, public officials or law enforcement.. to stand up and speak out.. anonymously!

WVpac.Org is not a news agency and does not operate as such. WVpac.Org does not claim knowledge of the information anonymously submitted, nor does it attest to the reliability or factual correctness of such user submitted reports.

WVpac.Org operates a website and social platform that accepts and publishes reports submitted by anonymous citizen watchdogs to serve the public interest, encourage free speech and invite patriotism while debating and discussing important information. Your questions or concerns are important to us, please use the contact form for additional information.

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