Corruption and Incompetence at the Vicki Douglas Juvenile Center

West Virginia – Berkeley County

Submitted to WVpac by Curtis Gray Jr.

Fired for blowing the whistle on child abuse.

To whom it may concern, I worked at the Vicki Douglas Juvenile Corrections Facility.

While I worked there I was witness to many acts of out-right abuse and violations of the 8th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. I followed protocol and advised my direct superior and wrote reports. All of these reports have since disappeared.

Soon after I was the victim of retaliation by superiors and was subsequently fired without cause. Later during a phone hearing I was informed that I was fired for having an inappropriate relationship with a resident. When I asked for the then director Stacey Rauer to elaborate she said “two residents refused to go back to there rooms unless Officer Gray was rehired”. I had been gone over 3 months.

The state continued to cover up the many abuses.

A few months ago one of the employees at the Vicki Douglas Center was arrested for felony child abuse.

Martinsburg juvenile services employee suspended after child-predator sting 

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — A state employee at the Vicki V. Douglas Juvenile Center in Martinsburg has been suspended after his recent arrest in a social-media sting that targeted sexual predators of children.

James C. Coates, 48, of Martinsburg, was among six men charged with solicitation of a minor via computer as a result of the three-day undercover operation by the West Virginia State Police Crimes Against Children Unit that was dubbed Operation Key Stroke.

Had the State done there investigation I feel that this likely would not have happened and the other allegations would have been substantiated.

*Editor comment: Maybe someone should conduct a proper investigation?