Small Company Devastated by Dirty Cop’s Actions

West Virginia – Stolen Guns

This excerpt comes from: The Journal

The felony crime cost the law enforcement officer 10 days in jail and cost Cliff Vinson — the owner of Glockcop — his home, cars, life savings and his status in the community.

Former Berkeley deputy sentenced to 10 days in jail

..Vinson was never charged with any crime. Glockcop is a sporting goods store specializing in the sale of firearms. Vinson is an honorably discharged United States Marine and sheriff’s deputy from Shelby County, Tennessee. He worked as a court bailiff in Berkeley County, and his wife was a civilian employee at the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department and served as the sheriff’s secretary.

..The sheriff’s department did not know the guns were stolen for almost two years. When the department noticed they were missing, an investigation began along with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Investigators with the sheriff’s department and ATF agents asked for Vinson’s records, and he complied without a warrant. He provided all of his records and an office to them. It was then revealed that the stolen guns were sold to Vinson by Streets.

..Sales plummeted from $475,650 in 2013 to $50,850 last year, Vinson said. During their investigation, both ATF and the sheriff’s department found that Vinson was not involved in the crime. Vinson said he had to file bankruptcy, but that did not include his business investors. He felt compelled to pay them back for believing in him, which he said he is doing. ..In a written statement, Vinson said he is frustrated with the outcome of the case.

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Source: Small business continues to fight after officer sells stolen guns