Harrison County Commission rules out Village Square property

Exponent Telegram

The Harrison County Commission addressed multiple policies and procedures during a lengthy session Wednesday.

In addition, commissioners discussed the Village Square feasibility study before deciding not to pursue the project at this time.

Commissioner Bernie Fazzini said the county needed the storage space and banquet facility but would have about 60,000 square feet of space that wouldn’t be needed.

“I don’t believe we can invest in this until we find uses for the other space,” Fazzini said.


Among policies and procedures discussed was legal representation for the commission on specialized issues.

Hinkle said that might include getting opinions on issues involving employment law or contract law.

“The prosecutor is swamped with cases due to the drug epidemic. I would like for us to look for a firm interested that we can go to with questions. Mistakes could end up in court for the commission and other elected officials,” Hinkle said. “We could see about retaining one or other options for an attorney.”

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Source: Harrison County Commission rules out Village Square property purchase