West Virginia Sheriff Admits He’s A Meth Addict, Stole Drugs From Evidence Files

A newly elected county sheriff in West Virginia who told authorities he was a meth addict pleaded guilty to a felony this week after admitting he stole methamphetamine from a police locker. He was charged with stealing the drug in early January. According to Roane County prosecutors, Bo Williams, who was elected county sheriff in November, entered a guilty plea of entering without breaking in Roane County Circuit Court.

The Associated Press reported this week that Bo Williams, prosecutors said, was accused of removing the drug methamphetamine from a storage area while he was still a Spencer police officer. He resigned as a police officer in December. He resigned as the county sheriff when he pleaded guilty in court.

Meth was found in Williams’ desk and police vehicle, according to the criminal complaint against him. It also revealed that several evidence bags found with Williams displayed case numbers that corresponded to missing evidence from the files.

The complaint noted that there was more than a thousand dollars worth of evidence involved, and Williams was initially charged with grand larceny.

County Prosecutor Josh Downey said Williams told him, Spencer Police Chief Greg Nichols, and a state police sergeant in November that he had been a meth addict for over a year. Downey said Williams also admitted taking meth from a police case file and consuming it.

“It’s an example of what drugs like meth have done to our communities,” Downey said. “Some people have a picture of what a drug addict looks like. It shows that it can be anybody.”

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Source: West Virginia Sheriff Admits He’s A Meth Addict, Stole Drugs From Evidence Files, Resigns