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This event happened some time ago. The story was updated regarding an ABSURD statement issued by the Maryland State Police claiming that these officers acts were found to be reasonable. This video provides a clear view into a broken law enforcement system that is never held accountable. Please look at the video then read the statement by the state police.

WVpac.Org intends to shine a light on issues like this involving police misconduct. These tragic events that are allowed to just disappear following drawn-out and delayed investigations behind closed doors that end up doing nothing, finding no wrong and going nowhere, while lives get destroyed. Yes, people will inevitably forget and the guilty will go unpunished.

Although this man obviously had broken the law, is this how WE want our police officers reacting? This could be your relative, neighbor or friend… The statement says internal affairs investigated the incident and determined the cops acted “reasonable.” The statement also says that Martin was in possession of 15 grams of heroin. A grand jury indicted him last month on drug charges.

How can ‘anyone’ look at this video and say that these officers actions were reasonable?

This ‘OBVIOUS’ police brutality and abuse of power CLEARLY shows a dysfunctional system that shields bad police and encourages more of the same actions by other police officers. The officer punching this man in the face while this victim is being held should GO TO PRISON.

“This was sent to me via a store (in a plaza) on Market Street, in Frederick Co. MD. From my understanding (which is vague) the arrest was for a small, “personal amount” of heroin. I was told neither the arrest, nor the incident was ever reported. The police officers also attempted to retrieve the original video from the security system. There is no sound. Not sure of any of the names. Original video available if someone wants to try and pull any info from it. All the officers actually involved appear to be sheriff deputies.” Cop Block

Should these officers be allowed to get away with this? Let us know what you think!

Did these officers overstep their authority, violate their oaths as police officers, show total disregard for this persons rights as a human being?

This is something that happens in China right? Or third world countries where the police serve as judge, jury and prosecutors.. Word on the street has it this VICTIM has a pending law suit due to knocked out teeth, broken jaw, and blindness in one eye. WVpac wishes that victim the best and hopes that justice prevails in this viscous case of police abuse.

Video uploaded and first reported on Copblock: Can You Identify the Police Employees Who Assaulted This Man? (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

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