HPD records 12 homicides in 2016, most in 31 years

The Herald Dispatch – Homicide investigations were up sharply in Huntington last year.

The number investigated by city police rose from 3 in 2015 to 12 in 2016, according to Huntington Police Chief Joe Ciccarelli. Although official statistics are not yet available, an additional five homicides were investigated by other Cabell County police agencies in 2016, according to news reports.

“It’s obviously something to be concerned about and something we will look at. It’s an anomaly we encounter from time to time,” he said. “When I was here the first time, we would have years where we had 10 homicides. That certainly predates any of the drug epidemics.”

Although drug arrest numbers had been increasing within the city, Ciccarelli said prevention of violence between dealers in the drug trade is difficult.

“Our drug arrest numbers have gone up, so we are making those efforts,” he said. “But still we are faced with a situation where drug dealers behave in a violent manner. They carry firearms and they will use them.”


Ciccarelli said dealers view life as cheap.

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Source: HPD records 12 homicides in 2016, most in 31 years