Mount Olive Correctional Complex inmate abuse and violation of civil rights

In the past two weeks an inmate has been killed (took the guards 20 minutes to locate his body), and there was a fight on the yard involving 50+ inmates which led to a 7 day lock-down. In the meantime the inmates were served a total of nine trays of food (math shows that calculation is way off to meet standards of what they are supposed to be fed), they were only allowed to shower once and were subject to psychological games by officers.

They are now on controlled movement and they keep changing the schedules so most can’t even make it out to purchase much needed items from the prison store. The inmates are being denied access to speak to unit team managers and are under constant threats by cos who clearly by the sound of things don’t have a clue what’s going on anyway.

I realize these men have committed crimes but they are paying for them, and they do have families who pay as well, the issues in that prison are much deeper than this post. When is it okay to treat people with such inhumanity and nothing is said or done?