Williamson City Council approves training.. tasers for WPD

Williamson, West Virginia; view looking down East 2nd Ave

WILLIAMSON – At Thursday’s regular meeting, the Williamson City Council approved two requests made by the Williamson Police Department regarding in-service training and the purchase of new Tasers.

By Courtney Harrison – [email protected]

Chief Blair

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..In the past, the State of West Virginia paid for the necessary training needed by the police department. However, due to state budget cuts, the police department is now required to shoulder the financial costs of the training requirements.

..Just like anybody else, the State of West Virginia is cutting back. Always before, the West Virginia Prosecutor Attorney’s Office paid for this in-service training. This is mandatory. We have to have 16 to 24 hours of in-service training each year.

..The prosecuting attorney’s office here on Second Avenue has always paid for our classes. Unfortunately, I was informed a few weeks ago that they are not going to be able to pay for any in-service training for officers in the county because of the lack of money.

Chief Blair made the request for the Tasers stating, “We carry these Tasers and they have been very beneficial to us. It prevents us from having to use our firearm in a lot of cases to save someone’s life.”

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Source: – Williamson Daily News – williamsondailynews.com