Cronyism uncovered? Carlton “Cootsie” DeHaven Resigns?

Berkeley County Court House Martinsburg, WV

WVpac.Org is happy to announce that cronyism may not pay after all.. at least not a salaried position as court marshal in Berkeley County? As uncovered by WVpac.Org in an anonymous tip,

../promises-made-new-sheriff-berkeley-county/ newly elected Sheriff Curtis Keller had made a promise of a job in return for a persons support during the election. Carlton Dehaven was a HUGE supporter of Curtis Keller during the election and now it is rumored that Sheriff Keller is giving Carlton Dehaven the Court Marshall position in return for his support.

Then it was announced that “Cootsie” had gotten the position anyway, even over many other qualified applicants.

../cronyism-acceptable-berkeley-county-wv/ recent news that Carlton “Cootsie” DeHaven was given the position to oversee security personnel at the county’s judicial center, possibly in return for the campaign support of the newly elected Sheriff Curtis Keller, confirms the tip submitted to WVpac.Org on February 6th, 2017.

Now recent news states that Berkeley County court marshal ‘Carlton “Cootsie” DeHaven’ resigns.. his reasons? “It is an unhealthy work environment for me”.

/berkeley-county-court-marshal-resigns former Berkeley County, W.Va., magistrate who was hired earlier this month by the county council to oversee security personnel at the county’s judicial center resigned this week after a meeting with county Administrator Alan Davis.

Could it be that going to work everyday, and looking people in the eye has taken a toll? Cronyism is looked down on by almost everyone. Official positions within local county government should go to the highest qualified and not passed around as favors. Once THE PEOPLE knew the truth, just showing up and looking people in the eye got hard, and the job just lost the appeal it originally had!

The People understand the ‘unhealthy work environment’ that was created by ..cronyism.

Not to worry “Cootsie”, you can always run for Sheriff again…