Anonymous Citizen Watchdogs

WVpac.Org is announcing the Anonymous Citizen Watchdog Information Services (ACWIS). A reporting service, uniquely crafted so that the people themselves (anonymous citizen watchdogs), are tasked with creating fair rules, enforcing procedures, and deciding which anonymous reports are to be published, while shrouded entirely by the cloak of anonymity. First the reasoning behind ACWIS.

Why not? Now THAT is great reasoning.. but seriously? Everyone knows sponsored news is NOT an unfettered free press! People realize that corporate news has become a commodity, to be bought then sold to the highest bidder, kinda like pork bellies. For-profit sources of information are almost always slanted, with articles purposefully designed to produce an outcome, mislead or misinform.

A news source operated by profit motivated companies, or controlled by the politically motivated or by the agenda driven individual is not a free press. Intelligent citizens depend on a free press for unfiltered information to make informed life-altering decisions, like electing our public officials! Whoever controls the press controls the people, so it is imperative that the people control the press!

When the public’s right to know is threatened, and when the rights of free speech and free press are at risk, all of the other liberties we hold dear are endangered. ~ Christopher Dodd

Local citizens reporting.. would be a genuine, honest-to-goodness FREE PRESS, and would only require patriots willing to make other citizens aware of important things whenever they themselves become aware of important things! Local citizens with a vested interest willing to speak-out and relay that important information ANONYMOUSLY, without ever leaving the safety of their home.

Sharing a combined responsibility to report on issues that affect their neighbors, friends and community. Served up raw and informal like the old gossip grapevines from days gone by, when local communities used the local gossip network to share local information and voice local concerns. Turns out that everyone knew what was going on locally, but no one knew who started the conversation.

Any West Virginia patriot that chooses to become an Anonymous Citizen Watchdog can go here to file an anonymous report: Citizen Watchdogs. Anonymous submission will be published on this website and syndicated onto our Facebook page as well.

The point is.. who started the conversation is not really important, what is really important is that the conversation got started at all. Too many conversations are not had because people are too afraid to speak out. Anonymity makes some conversations possible..

When good people reveal their identity, their right to unfettered speech is taken from them; they can no longer speak freely without the fear of some jackass judging, threatening or belittling them just because they can, especially with modern online interactions. The American Patriot wisely speaks anonymously.. too keep attention on the message while protecting the identity of the messenger.

A Call to Action?

Are you concerned about what is happening in your community? Are there problems being ignored or issues not being addressed? Are you willing to stand up and speak out when necessary? Did you answer yes to all three? This could be YOUR call to action!

Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority. . . . It thus exemplifies the purpose behind the Bill of Rights and of the First Amendment in particular: to protect unpopular individuals from retaliation . . . at the hand of an intolerant society. ~ The Supreme Court

Is it possible to grow an anonymous community information grapevine? Is it really possible to bring together an assortment of uniquely flavored perspectives and colorful observations to anonymously report on news within their county? Would local stories reported on by local patriots, complete with personal biases and unabashed opinions be of interest to the people? An educated guess would be yes..

A reliable flow of informal and informative reports on important things around your county that make public officials accountable for their actions, while also reporting on the little things that matter, like a neighbors lost dog, littering or public nuisances, potholes or trees down, or anything else that could use a little public attention or some social TLC. A local community information network..

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Anonymous Citizen Watchdogs.. protected by the 1st Amendment, validated by the Supreme Court.

Are you willing and able.. to speak out on issues or problems facing your community.. anonymously? Anonymous Citizen Watchdogs (the people) can report on anything.. including that cop that races past you daily doing 65 in a 35 while talking on a cell phone!

Or that county owned vehicle always at the local grocery store, or parked around the corner from the local bar.. or maybe those local county workers riding around not doing their jobs properly? ..a county employee had a bad day and took it out on you?

BEFORE ACWIS.. There was no place to report this kind of waste, the misuse of county property or improper actions by employees. Call in on a county employee and.. you speak with another county employee, that first wants your name. Not very satisfying..

AFTER ACWIS.. When you see a problem or witness misconduct, waste or abuse by county employee, you just use your camera and take a picture or video, write a story then submit it.. anonymously.. BAM! BUSTED! Very satisfying and unexpectedly habit forming..

Would your local town news publish your video of the cop speeding? ..that county employee using a county vehicle to do personal chores? ..or the county workers loafing? NO.. Hell NO! And why not? Because local news is controlled..

Who thought civic responsibility could be this satisfying?

And why not? Who better to serve the local dirt on local public officials, politicians and corrupt law enforcement than anonymous local citizens? State agencies, local officials, elected politicians, law enforcement, vendors and contractors, held accountable for illegal or improper actions that cost the taxpayers money! Anonymous Citizen Watchdogs (the people) will be reporting.

A social purpose suitable for advocates of democracy, supporters of a free press, college students seeking a social or political experience, retired seniors seeking public usefulness, community leaders, school teachers, just your average concerned citizen or anyone that would like to participate in a grass-root effort to create a socially responsible source of reliable local information.

WVpac.Org invites and encourages anonymous county officials to also join in.. or even a few anonymous lawyers, anonymous town clerks, anonymous law enforcement or even anonymous politicians? With anonymity no one knows WHO is actually speaking out..

Anonymous Citizen Watchdog Coordinators.. Volunteers Needed! An initial fifty-five patriots are needed, one from every county in West Virginia. This is a 100% voluntary position, completely part-time, with no pay or benefits, chance of advancement, retirement, insurance, vacations or even public recognition! (working on ACW.. t-shirts, hoodies and intimidating calling cards..)

ACW coordinators will assist in the organization process and fulfill certain necessary functions. Coordinators will be expected to encourage others within their community to participate and submit a monthly report on the state of their county.. from their personal perspective. Coordinators will have access to internal forums for various discussions and also be assigned special site-related email accounts for anonymous communication.

ACW coordinators, completely unknown to each other, will vote on reports prior to publication to prevent inappropriate stories from being published. ..will establish publishing guidelines, determine rules and develop a code of conduct for all anonymous coordinators. ..will also enforce these rules, guidelines and code of conduct as created using the democratic process of consensus!

During initial start-up senior members will assist in selecting coordinators. As coordinators are chosen they will immediate become part of the selection process in determining future coordinators. Once operational with rules decided upon and guidelines in place, Anonymous Citizen Watchdogs (the people) will become the local eyes and ears of West Virginia.. and a genuine free press.

For those that have eyes to see, let them see, and those that have ears to hear, let them hear.

Anonymous Citizen Watchdog Information Service (ACWIS) unfettered free press

Prospective coordinators: Use the form below.. not the contact form. Tell us a little about yourself.. but not too much, *DO NOT tell us who you are. Explain why you would like to be an Anonymous Citizen Watchdog Coordinator for your county! Unique access to information or job position can be shared but only add general descriptions or occupations, again NO NAMES.

FYI, this may be a poorly disguised tactic to gain a sample of your writing abilities. Be sure to copy and save both the code-name and the code-phrase you will create for identification purpose later. (55 coordinators initially with more added as required)

The code-name you select will be used for identification purpose as county watchdogs are selected. Those citizen watchdogs selected will be announced on this page using the submitter’s code-name. That person will be required to provide both the code-phrase and the zip code of their residence in future correspondence.

Yes, this is an open invitation to anyone. Yes, no one knows who you are.. and yes.. you could be a prisoner in cell block C, or some section 8 living in a Las Vegas motel. The truth is.. you better be good, because everything is voted on and the locals around here know bull-crap when they hear it.. they have heard plenty from good ol boy politicians over the years so might not work.. just saying!

If you have any questions use the contact form. (email required) or go to our Facebook page and ask away. If it is necessary to remain anonymous you may use the form below.

Comments, thoughts and opinions are encouraged. Registered comments can also be submitted below.

We look forward to hearing from you.. the formation of this service will not happen overnight, so hold your horses.. it is more important that we do this right.. not quickly!

Anon Ymous

PS Spammers will be banned and bat-shit crazies need not apply. Coordinators will be judged by their peers so if you start acting like a nut or try to submit inappropriate things to be published, it is just not going to happen so do not waste your time. Thanks!

PPS: It will never work.. or maybe it will?  Some really smart person once said, “The will to persevere is often the difference between failure and success.” Given that, expect the unexpected, with plenty of hiccups, numerous glitches, unforeseen problems, natural setbacks and utter disappointments.. and that crazy thing called LIFE! Thanks again..

Anonymous Citizen Watchdogs

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