Anonymous Citizen Watchdogs Update

Anonymous Citizen Watchdogs..’s provides a platform for citizens to openly debate and discuss local issues. We encourage all citizens to participate by contributing anonymous reports about issues that affect their lives or community. Contribute your two cents worth.. anonymously!

The Citizen Watchdog Report form allows ANYONE to report ANYTHING anonymously. No-one wants to be the person known for bringing the conversation up, but once that conversation is out there.. everybody wants to comment.

Do not let the Mask of Anonymity cause you any reason for concern. Much like the original American patriots that disguised themselves during the Boston Tea Party, sometimes a mask can come in handy.

(, those early patriots were not actually native Americans.)

Anonymous speech is the cornerstone of free speech in America.

Response to Anonymous Citizen Watchdog Information Services has been positive based on the number of county residents that have responded to volunteer as ACW Coordinators.

ACW Coordinators will have access to the website with select publishing privileges that will allow those coordinators to publish efficiently and be effective coordinators.

Coordinators will also be given access to private chat forums created specifically to discuss and interact with other county coordinators.. anonymously. We have been busy.. has implemented email accounts associated with our primary domain.. for county coordinators as they are selected, such as: [email protected]

Selected coordinators will have access to those accounts.. by using the codename selected and zip code provided during the initial submission process, such as: codename45211. controls the passwords to each account, this connection can be discontinued at our discretion, a necessary component if and when individual county coordinators change.

Citizens throughout West Virginia interested in becoming county coordinators can fill out and submit the application form on the bottom of the page at:  Anonymous Citizen Watchdogs

Thank you again for your continued interest and valued participation.