Anonymous Tip: Bad Cop – Aggressive Toward People

Huntington, WV

Bad Cop – Aggressive Toward People..

I watched HPD stop a possible drug offence at Frostop Drive Inn.

The cop car passed me as I walked up Hal Greer. He had lights and sirens going and was speeding the 2 block distance. When I walked by he had several young people setting on the ground in cuffs. I went into McDonalds as he continued to talk to them.

Two other cop cars arrived, one had a dog. They all searched the grounds and the car. The dog did not alert at any point. One police officer became more and more agitated as the dog failed to alert.

He had the dog handler send the dog around the car several times until finally the dog lost all interest and started playing. At this point the handler put his dog in the car and left seemingly in a huff. The cop then became aggressive toward the people in cuffs.

He started to yell and scream at them. He separated them and had another cop talk to one group while he talked to the other. He ranted and raved at his group while the assistant cop spoke quiet and calmly to his group.

Finally the assistant cop just got back in his police car and waited. The other cop continued to strut back and forth yelling and screaming, throwing his arms around, sticking pointed fingers in people’s face and getting more and more aggressive.

The people in cuffs acted calm, embarrassed, and never failed to try their best to cooperate.

This crazy cop kept them there for 45 minutes to an hour after it was pretty clear that no drugs were going to be found.

(editor) Police Harassment?