Quotas Ordered To Garner Revenue

Martinsburg Police Department is under verbal orders to write traffic citations, and has ordered special traffic details in order to accomplish the mayor, the council’s, the city manager’s and financial director’s attempts to garner revenue.

The “order” even comes with punishment of the officers who do not comply, several of which are already demanding hearing because they were punished for not meeting the “chief’s” quota.

Going back in recent history, the Governor’s Highway Commission was offering prizes, including vacation trips for the most “DUI” arrests by officers. They even had a terraced prize list.

The administrators of the city have even gone so far as to order their magistrates not to incarcerate suspects arrested for crimes, threatening officers with disciplinary actions if they do circumvent the “system”. In addition, the “chief” has been caught in several “Under Oath” testimonies purging himself with his testimony being recorded.

As a result, the city has gone to the illegal extreme of blocking any personnel hearings from being recorded in direct violation of WV State Code. These acts are in direct violation of SCOTUS rulings.

Berkeley / City of Martinsburg