Federal Complaint Filed Against Trooper Matthew D. Gillmore

Trooper Gilmore
West Virginia State Trooper Matthew D. Gillmore conducting an intentional perp walk following the politically motivated false arrest of then Sheriff candidate John Orem.

Trooper Matthew D. Gillmore of the West Virginia State Police will now have to defend his illegal actions in Federal Court. On April 9th 2018 John Orem filed a federal complaint naming Trooper Gilmore as the defendant. This action comes as a result of Trooper Gilmore’s illegal arrest of John Orem.

The Federal complaint includes unreasonable search and seizure, false arrest and the violation of Mr Orem’s right to privacy. It describes in detail how Trooper Gilmore’s illegal actions were politically motivated.

Since the initial court hearings in which Trooper Gilmore admitted to these illegal activities, the West Virginia State Police failed to discipline or reprimanded Trooper Gilmore. It became necessary for Mr Orem to file a federal complaint.


Please read the attached document for pertinent details.

Read Complaint: Orem Federal Complaint